Web Development With Google Maps

Integrate JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, IIS, Windows And More!

  • All tools needed for the course are free; student will be shown where to download them.

Thank you for stopping by. There are many web development courses out there, but there is absolutely none like this one. In this course, Erik shows you how to build several small web applications using Google Maps ,HTML 5, JavaScript, Windows, PHP, jQuery, CSS, and related technologies.  Erik brings 20 years of software development experience to show you how real programs are written, and gives you many unique and practical tips along the way. The first 20 videos are a review of the fundamentals of programming using JavaScript. The bottom 40 videos show you how to combine a variety of technologies, like Visual Studio Code, JavaScript, Windows, jQuery, CSS, PHP, HTML and others, to produce powerful and unique code. Some of the videos cover programming topics, and some of the videos allow you to take a break from programming to focus on concepts. You can code along with Erik, or you can download the course files and install them them on your computer. By the end, you will have learned a great variety of powerful and interesting skills that will push your web development skills to new highs.  That’s our guarantee to you. Thanks so much for reading. Let’s get coding!

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Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone wanting to become a web development guru.
  • Anyone wanting to take advantage of Google Maps in their projects.
  • Anyone wanting to learn JavaScript basics

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